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Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 5/11/2021
Western Reserve Model Yacht Club, Results, Tuesday May 11.

Steger, Kalman win WRMYC Tuesday Series Races May 11, 2021 at SPIRE

Western Reserve Model Yacht Club sailed its weekly, Tuesday afternoon race program on May 11, at SPIRE Institute. The weather was outstanding- sunny, even if a little cool with a temperature at race time in the low 50s. Winds were good, initially from the West North, at about 8- 10 MPH, but changed to North at about 12 MPH by Heat 4. After that, the club was able to race the full program of 12 Heats, with about half being over longer, two-lap courses. The competition was the best so far this year- 5 of the seven participants won at least one Heat during the evening.

At the end of the 12-Heat program, in the Gold Fleet, David Steger won, but this time by just 3 points over Rick Lawler. In Silver, Bob Kalman won every Heat, 12 for 12. Bob also sailed well enough to beat some of the Gold Fleet as well.

We look forward to warmer weather this coming week!! The next event will be Tuesday, May 18 at 4 PM, then Saturday, May 22 at 9 AM, all at SIRE Institute, Rt. 534 just North of I-90, in Geneva.

Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series 5/8/2021
Steger, Sieloff win WRMYC Saturday Series Races May 8, 2021 at SPIRE

Western Reserve Model Yacht Club sailed its second Saturday race program on May 8, at SPIRE Institute. The weather was unseasonably cool with a temperature at race time in the low 40s. The sailors that did show up were dressed more for November than for a normal May, with “layers”, caps and gloves. Temperatures did not really improve through the entire race program, although rain held off until a few sprinkles at around noon.

Winds were good, from the North, at about 8- 10 MPH, with minor shifts in direction. Racing Director Rick Lawler ran a flawless set of races, varying the courses, based on the good wind. Racing was close with crowded Mark roundings and hard-fought upwind legs.

At the end of the 9-Heat program, in the Gold Fleet, David Steger prevailed, holding on to his series lead. In Silver, with only two skippers competing, Ron Sieloff won every Heat, 9 for 9. Notably, Larry Lamphier seemed to gain from the most recent ZOOM racing tutorial, getting MUCH improved Starts, winning Heat 4, and placing in third. With the single discard, Lamphier never counted anything lower than a 4th, and improved his Series standing from sixth the first Saturday to a tie for fourth.

The season is juuust starting. With a lot more racing to be done between now and the end of October, let’s hope for more sun and warm breezes soon!

Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 5/4/2021
Tuesday May 4 Results (Race 2 of 27 scheduled for Season Series)

Tuesday May 4 was a cool, cloudy evening, with winds initially from the SW at about 6 MPH, shifting to NW at 12 MPH for the final 3 or 4 Heats of the 12 this evening, and leading the Tuesday Season-long Series, with 25 more race dates ending in October. Tonight the club raced short races on short east/west courses for the first 8 races, and then changed to longer north/south legs as the wind began to build and clock to the north. There were a few very light sprinkles due to the cloudy conditions, but not enough to consider a cancellation.

In Gold Fleet, David Steger dominated for the second week in a row, winning 8 of 12 Heats, with Bob Valentine in second, followed by club Commodore Rick Lawler. Four of the 7 racers won at least a single Heat, resulting in just a 4 points separation in places 2 through 4. Very close racing!!

In Silver Fleet, Bob Kalman was the lone competitor, so he raced with the Gold Fleet sailors, moving into an early 2020 Tuesday Series lead over the rest of the Silver Fleet.

Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 4/27/2021
Steger, Jarold win WRMYC first Tuesday Races of 2021

Western Reserve Model Yacht Club started its 2021 Tuesday Series season on April 27, at SPIRE Institute and Academy, Geneva. At the 4:00 PM start time, the weather was warm- low 70’s- with lighter winds from the SSW. The wind speed and directional changes meant for close racing.

Winning the first event of 2021, were Dave Steger, (Gold Fleet) and Dan Jarold (Silver Fleet). Jarold won the Silver Fleet over Bob Kalman after a 12-race points tie- settled by which skipper won the final race.

Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series 4/24/2021
Saturday Series 2021 Current Standings 4/24/2021

Western Reserve Model Yacht Club started its 2021 season with a beautiful Saturday on April 24. Weather was warm- low 60’s- and lighter winds from the SSE meant for close racing. At times, the wind was near zero, and at times it would go up into the 6 MPH range – light for this early in the racing season. What started as a beautiful day of sunshine gradually shifted to cloudy as the morning became afternoon.

The day began with a measurement session for boats that missed the first session held on April 17. Boats were generally within the Rules, but a couple will need to add some weight to reach the minimum weights for their Class.

Steger, Sieloff win WRMYC first race of 2021

Winning the first event of 2021, were Dave Steger, (Gold Fleet) and Ron Sieloff (Silver Fleet). Steger won 5 of the 8 Heats for the day. In Silver, Sieloff won 6 of the 8 Heats.
Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 10/27/2020
Tuesday 10/27/20

A wet, cold night greeted us as we reluctantly left the warmth of our cars. Temperatures were in the upper 50's, but the lack of sun, and the thick grey cloud cover made it seem a lot colder than the thermometer indicated. As the evening approached, it only got worse, moving from a fine mist to a light rain, AND the wind began to go away.

Courses were simple windward-leeward-windward. Starts were important, but the races were dependent on a good first leg- where most of the skippers took 2 - 3 tacks to reach Mark 8. After a long run (where no place changes took place) the final upwind leg offered some close competition, use of tactics, and one bad choice of WHEN or WHERE to tack made the difference between first and fourth place finishes.

In Gold Fleet- Rick Lawler won, but this time by just ONE point over Mike Wyatt. In Silver, Brad Ferrell took first, followed by Bob Kalman.

Looking back over 2020, things could have been a LOT worse. In Spring, our long-standing main race venue, Camp Stigwandish, was sold, and in the process WRMYC lost its access to a crash boat, docks and the pond.

Our Commodore - Rick Lawler, Vice Commodore - Doug Rieger, and Sailing Director Bob Green, along with Board Member Larry Lamphier found us a new venue, negotiated a deal, purchased a set of docks and installed them, and Larry made an entire new set of Marks. Covid-19 meant a delay in our normal April startup until June, so we raced at Old Rec Park (thanks also to Painesville- always there in a pinch!). No matter where we were, Covid precautions were inconvenient, and we had a large number of Members who did not feel comfortable sailing, so our participation was down some 30%. We even had to (for the first time ever) cancel our fall regatta.

BUT- we had what was probably one of the best summers ever as far as weather goes. Not too hot, rain at the right times, no low water, and very few drifting matches, looking for wind. We had/ have a beautiful place to sail, and an accommodating host in SPIRE Institute. The 2020 racing was fun and competitive.

All in all- not a bad year! Thanks to all of our Officers, and our Members. Let's look forward to a good winter (Build Clinics!), and a fantastic 2021!!

Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series 10/24/2020
Saturday, October 24 Report

The last Saturday race for the club in 2020, at SPIRE Institute in Geneva. The weather was cold, cloudy with a few sprinkles, 46 degrees F. with winds from the North, at about 9 MPH. We had a decent turnout of five Gold Fleet racers, plus Gold Fleet sailor Wayne Forbes as Race Director, and three Silver Fleet competitors.

With three sailors in Silver, we had separate Starts but identical courses for the two Fleets; Race Director Wayne Forbes set the course for Heats 1- 3 to be windward to Mark 7, passing it to Starboard, then a run downwind to Mark 1, followed by an upwind leg to the Finish line. Starting with Heat 4, the RD changed the course to be a port rounding of Mark 7, and then shortened course for Heats 7- 12 to round Mark 8, still to the North, but closer to the start. They were all good courses, offering a few upwind tacks on the first leg to windward, a long run to mark 1 in the South, and especially, tight racing for the last upwind leg from Mark 1 to the Finish.

The season was on the line in Silver Fleet- with Brad Ferrell leading the Fall Series by just ONE point after a discard over Scott Westrum, and two points ahead of Larry Ward. It was Ferrell at 7 points, Westrum at 8, and Ward at 9. Unfortunately, Scott Westrum could make the event, and the DNC (did not compete) moved him to third in the Series; by 1 point, and Larry moved from Third to Second, three points behind Brad.

In Gold Fleet- the Fall Series was pretty much already decided, and no places changed. For today, Rick Lawler won with 27 points, 3 ahead of second-place Doug Rieger; Mike Wyatt was third, tied on points with Doug. Doug won second on the “Most Firsts” tiebreaker.

All in all, 2020 was a good year, despite “THE VIRUS” and a resultant late (June) start. Although attendance was lower by about 4 boats on the average (with most of the deficit in the Silver Fleet), the racing was good, the weather was good, and the location at SPIRE was excellent.
Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 10/20/2020
Tuesday, October 20,2020 Report

The second to last Tuesday evening race for the club in 2020. And it seemed cold, with winds from the Northwest, but light-decent at about 7 MPH. Well, it IS October- did we really expect it to be warm? Weather was “brisk”, at 54 degrees, and cloudy. There was a 20 ft. wide band of light wind extending out from the western shore about 20 feet- then a narrow band of better air, followed by more light air toward the middle of the pond. Courses were N-S-N, windward-leeward-windward, with Mark 8 being the windward, followed by Mark 1 at the South end, then a finish. Since there were only two Silver Fleet sailors- Gold and Silver started together, so there were 6 boats on the line (until Larry Lamphier had to leave for a business meeting- and missed Heats 7- 12.)

In Gold Fleet- Rick Lawler was practically unbeatable- winning 10 of 12 Heats. Rick typically got the best Start, and was away- there was no way to beat him by following. Others looked for wind further out in the pond, and some tried closer to shore- none of those paths upwind worked. So we tried different approaches. That didn’t work.

In Silver Fleet, Brad Ferrell won 12 of 12 Heats- a clean sweep. He did this by getting 12 good Starts, and sailing fast- sometimes fast enough to challenge the Gold Fleet. Tuesday October 27 will be the final Tuesday race, 4:30 Start!!

Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 10/13/2020
Western Reserve Model Yacht Club

Tuesday Series October 13 2020 Results

With only three Tuesday evenings left, Western Reserve MYC sailors showed up at SPIRE Institute on October 13 to make a final push toward improving their race standings for the season, which will end as of Tuesday October 27. Normally, as the end of the year is upon the club, the standings are a mere 2-3 points apart; but this year, because of concerns about Covid-19, attendance has been down as has the competition. For the 2020 season, in Gold Fleet, Rick Lawler has a clear, probably insurmountable lead, with 19 points separating him from second place Bob Green. In Silver Fleet Brad Ferrell is similarly way ahead of second place Bob Kalman. On October 13, winds were from the west-northwest, at 4 PM at about 6 MPH; but by Heat 10- 7 PM- zero. So, races 11 and 12 were cancelled.

In Gold Fleet, Rick Lawler dominated, winning 8 of the 10 races. In a solid 2nd - but 15 points down- was Doug Rieger.

In Silver Fleet we had another disappointing turnout of just 2 sailors- and series leader Brad Ferrell placed first, with Bob Kalman second.

Ah- the fickle winds do NOT just come in August!
Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series 10/10/2020
Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 10/6/2020
Tuesday Series October 6 Results

As the season winds down, the winds get stronger, and the air gets cooler. These were the conditions at SPIRE Institute on Tuesday for the 20th of 23 scheduled Tuesday races for WRMYC’s 2020 season. Winds started at 14 MPH with gusts of 18; add pretty significant wind directional shifts, and the racing is challenging for any sailor whether full scale OR models.

Early in the racing program skippers had to adjust their rigs to reduce power and keep the boats upright and fast. As the evening went on, the wind began to fall off, so those who changed their tuning benefited. As well, there were numerous “flat spots” where there was little to almost no wind. Sail into one of those, and sailors found themselves being passed by boats that might be only a few feet away.

In Gold Fleet, Rick Lawler, the Series leader, won with 16 net points in the low point scoring system, ahead of Mike Wyatt with 22 points. As a comparison, after the first six races of stronger winds, Lawler was ahead by one point.

In Silver, with only two racers coming out, Brad Ferrell, again the Silver Fleet Series leader, was first, with 12 points, 10 ahead of Bob Kalman with 22 net points.

The club’s next events are Saturday, October 10, and Tuesday evening October 13.

Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 9/29/2020
Tuesday, September 29 was probably the lightest-air set of races that we sailed all year. What wind WAS present was from the West- ugh. Then, for the only time (so far!) this season, a Heat was abandoned for lack of wind, AND a 10-minute "hold" after Heat 2- again for lack of wind.

Finally, we cut our course length (to one that really was too short - GW- Bob Swan-Yellow- Finish G/W), and thankfully only used that extremely short course for Heats 3 and 4. For Heats 5-6, the winds filled in, at a rip-roaring 1-2 MPH, to allow for 6 races in total, and a discard. And, the rain held off until after the evening's program was over, and all sailors had left.

Both Gold and Silver Fleet started together, since there were only 2 Silver Fleet competitors.

In Gold Fleet- Rick Lawler and Mike Wyatt sailed to a points tie- each with 3 wins, and 2 seconds after the discard. In the case of such a tie, the Rules say the boat that finished ahead of the other in the last race is the winner- so Rick Lawler won the night, stretching out his lead in the Series to 7 points after 19 dates.

In Silver, Brad Ferrell again ran away with the honors, ahead of Bob Kalman, with just two boats sailing. It is very disappointing that the Silver Fleet sailors have been not showing up in more numbers for the racing. Yes- we often have light air for Tuesdays, and yes, there is a pandemic. But the club observes all coronavirus protocols, and no one in WRMYC has yet (that we know of) contracted the disease, certainly no one has from racing with the club. You cannot improve if you sail from at home on the couch!

Next: Saturday Oct. 3- WRMYC Open Sailing/ Open House. 10:30 AM. This is fun racing (no scores kept) for Soling 1 Meters, Micro Magics, and Open 1meter boats. It is a great opportunity for Members to work on their tuning, try other boats, and practice starts.

The public is invited to come out and try radio sailing for this, the last Open Sail of 2020!!

Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series 9/26/2020
Saturday Series 9/26/20

Another great day of racing at SPIRE Institute. Winds were nice at 7, at times 8 MPH from the South, clocking at times to SW, making for ideal light air sailing. With the good air we were able to race on courses that covered the entire pond, from the South end (wind direction) all the way to #8 Mark on the Northern end.

Race Director Bob Schuster set shorter courses for the first 1/2 of the race program, increasing the length of the course for the final half of the day. Four of the five Gold Fleet skippers won at least one race; two of the Silver Fleeters won a race- with Brad Ferrell dominating the action, winning 10 of the 12 total races, many by a wide margin.

In Gold Fleet, David Steger won 6 of 12 races, finishing 4 points ahead of (tied for Second Place) Rick Lawler and Mike Wyatt. Lawler prevailed after application of the "most Firsts" tiebreaker - he had three wins to Wyatt's two.

Races are lost because those winning make fewer mistakes than the rest.

The day's longer courses made for a greater spread of the boats over the course, and more opportunity for us to make mistakes. Late Starts, missing wind shifts and Marks, bad tacks, getting caught "in irons", and doing penalty turns are all things that make for a poor showing. As one example, the author (Wyatt) had to do three penalties over the 12 Heats; observation is that First Place David Steger had to do ONE. Likely EACH of those three penalties cost a place or more in three races making up the day's results- and Wyatt lost 2nd place on a tiebreaker with Rick Lawler.

Noted RC Sailor Dick Hedderick (in a clinic) said that one should pick a single mistake that he or she makes, and decide in the next race day, "I will not __________ one time, today." Hedderick, early in his racing career when he applied that ("not missing Marks") went from his normal middle of the 12-boat, very competitive EC-12 fleet to second place - the very next weekend.

A great day! Thanks to all who participated.

AND- next Saturday Oct. 3 is the last "Open Sail / run what you bring" day of the season. Hopefully WRMYC Members, and the public will come out to try sailing!!

Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 9/22/2020
Tuesday Series 9/22/20

It was definitely a Fall evening. Winds were light out of the West with an occasional shift to the NW. First mark was 8(P), down to mark 2(P), over to mark 3(P) and then a windward finish. We were only able to get in 8 heats and even had trouble getting the boats back to the dock. Rick had refurbished and new sails for Larry W’s boat and sailed it the whole evening. Very impressive improvement in performance, look out Silver fleet. There was only one fleet start and Brad (Silver fleet) continues to challenge the Gold fleet by finishing ahead of them, look out Gold fleet. It’s interesting to note that even though Larry’s and Brad’s boats are older boats they remain competitive.

This was my last race day as Sail Director as my wife and I are relocating to Charlotte, NC. Our family is consolidating there and in the Spring of next year all but one of our kids will be there, along with all three of our grandkids. Very conflicting times as we’re excited about our future family time but sad to leave our family and friends in CLE. I want to thank the WRMYC family for their friendship and competitive spirit, it will be deeply missed.

Note: Mike W will taking be over as SD.
Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 9/15/2020
Tuesday 9/15 Race Results

Well that was the lightest evening of sailing that we’ve had all year. We were only able to get in 5 heats and then we had to use the rescue boat to get two boats. What wind there was, was out of the S. We rounded mark 2(P), then downwind to mark 8(P) and then a windward finish. Not very exiting racing. Starts were critical and with the light winds rounding mark 2 was particularly challenging.

The evening did end on a beautiful note as the sun was a very unusual color and with the thin layer of clouds you could look right at it.

Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series 9/12/2020
Saturday Series 9/12/20

One of the more perfect sailing days. Winds out of the S with some oscillation to the West, at 4-6 with an occasional gust. Start mark was moved to make the line more perpendicular. Mark 1 (P) was the windward mark and was very tricky to approach and round as this is the corner that is leeward of the south shore and some trees. Once round this mark it was close hauled to mark 2 (P), straight down wind to mark 7 (P) and then a tricky windward finish which lead to multiple close finishes.

Mike encountered continued signal problems, which unfortunately caused him to DNF on the first heat. He raced to Rick’s van to retrieve hull #27, which he used to finish the day with a third. Dan had a sheet servo problem after the fourth heat and was unable to race the rest of the day. Dave and Brad continued their dominance in Gold and Silver respectively with first place finishes overall. Bob G filled in for Tom M as RD.

It was one of our larger turnouts with 6 in Gold and 4 in Silver and with the strong winds we were able to get in all 12 heats.

Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 9/8/2020
Tuesday 9/8 Race Results

Well that was one for the books. The hour prior to racing was near perfect, sunny with winds at 4-6 out of the south. By the time we started racing the winds had already started to soften. We tried a long course for the first two heats: windward to mark 1 (P), down to mark 6 (P) and then a windward finish but realized that was too long. The next two heats were drifters with almost no wind. We went into wait mode. Finally, there was enough wind to try and race. Then a front moved through bringing a 180°-degree wind shift, NNE, and winds of 6-8. The temperature dropped about 10 degrees and it started to rain. As a result, we were only able to get in 8 heats.

There ended up being three boat rescues. One of them under a beautiful rainbow with Bob K and his son. There were also two birthdays; Bob K (80th) and Mike W. (71st). Happy Birthday guys. Racing this Saturday.

Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 9/1/2020
Tuesday 9/1 Race Results

For the first time this summer the winds were out of the SSW, unfortunately they were light. There was enough wind initially to round 1 to port, over to T mark to port, down to 6 to port and then a long windward finish. That only lasted two heats as it was taking too much time to cover such a long course. The course was shortened to rounding mark 2 to port, down to 8 to port and then a windward finish. It was still exciting and challenging racing with several close finishes, one of them being a Tuesday night tie. Unfortunately, the winds lightened to the point that we only completed nine heats.

We have the makings of a Gold fleeter in Brad F. He has consistently been a first-place finisher in Silver and last night, with there being only one start, he beat the Gold fleet twice overall. Great job Brad. This Saturday’s is an Open Sail so bring what you want and have a great time sailing.

Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series 8/29/2020
Saturday Race Results 8/29

Wind direction was the least of our problems today, being consistently out of the West. Now wind speed was another story. It was from 6 to way too much, with the way too much being 75% of the time. We started with 8 boats and after only 8 heats we had 4 survivors. There were two near sinking’s and multiple hardware issues which caused multiple boats to either DNS or DNF.

Mike’s hatch cover came dislodged and caused him to head for the cattails to save his boat from sinking. The rescue boat was used to retrieve his boat. Bob S’s boat began to take on water and sink when he was head to the dock. It was retrieved just prior to it sinking. One bright spot to the carnage was that there were no hulls pierced. Dave S’s boat was the one boat with no major issues which helped him to take first overall.

Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 8/25/2020
Tuesday Series 8/25/20

Another near perfect night of racing. Mark 8 has become the go to weather mark as most of the summer the winds have been out of the NNW. That was the case last night with the second mark being 2, from there it was a windward finish. Mid-evening mark 3 was added in to make for a longer course. This did not provide as good a windward finish as mark 2 so we dropped mark 3. The last three heats mark 8, after mark 2, was added for more challenging windward work before finishing down wind. Even though it was a downwind finish, it proved to be challenging and provided some exciting finishes.

Light turnout skipper wise as there were only 4 in Gold and 2 in Silver, which dictated a combined start.

Bob K had his maiden voyage with his new boat, which is beautiful. He found it additionally challenging as it sailed completely different that his old boat. Always fun to add new challenges to an already challenging sport.

Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series 8/22/2020
Saturday 8/22 Race Results

Well the winds were challenging in both direction and speed today. It was predominately from the West, with big shifts mostly to the N, with an occasional NE thrown in for good measure. The speed was very light on up to as much as 4-5, but mostly light. Brad (RD) tried to give us as long a course as possible and as much variety as the wind shifts would allow. So, it was mostly a short windward leg to G (P) sometime Y to G, over to mark 2 (P), reach to mark 3 (P) and sometimes 4 (P), then a windward finish. Brad almost wore out a marker changing the course on the board to keep up with the wind shifts.

Gold Fleet Dave S cemented his first-place finish for the day with the help of 7 firsts, five of them in a row.

Larry W continued his winning streak in Silver fleet finishing first place for the day with the help of 6 firsts. Brad being RD earned him a first place which helps offset the 7th place he got for last Saturday’s race when he had to miss because of his daughter’s wedding. Priorities Brad. Scott W is coming on strong even though he is coming into the season late.

This was our best skipper turnout of the Saturday Series with 7 in Gold and 5 in Silver. Although the winds were challenging, it was a safe and fun day to be racing.
Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 8/18/2020
Tuesday 8/18 Race Results

Another near perfect SPIRE race night. Winds were stiff at 6-10 out of the NWW. Our default course for these winds has become windward to mark 8 (P), downwind to mark 2 (P), a close reach to mark 3 (P) and then a windward finish. The last two heats an additional sausage loop was added: from mark 3 to mark G (P), then back downwind to mark 3 (P) and then a windward finish.

As the evening progressed and the winds lightened, the last windward leg to the finish became very fluky. A side to SPIRE pond we’ve not seen before that added an additional challenge for an already competitive evening of racing.
Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 8/11/2020
Tuesday Series 8/11/20

Another near perfect sailing night. Winds were out of the NW, backing occasionally to the West. The evening started with 4-6 decreasing to 4 as the evening progressed. It was competitive racing as we rounded mark 8 to port, then down to mark 2, to mark 3 and then a windward finish. As we got our minimum six heats in an additional leg over to mark 4 was added, making for an even more competitive finish.

In Gold, Mike W. and Bob G. were tied, which was resolved by most 2nds.

In Silver, Brad almost had a clean sweep, missing only by one 2nd. Well done by all sailors.

Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series 8/8/2020
Saturday August 8, 2020 Report: 1st Race Fall Series

The Day started out. Hot, Sweet & Sticky! Race Director Mike Wyatt gave us some challenging courses, with Temperatures mid 80’s Mostly sunny with mixed cloud cover winds 2-12mph starting out of the northwest then clocking to due west then clocking north east by the end. The first 3-4 heats we were heading to marks 8 to port then to 2 Then as the wind clocked, heats 5-9 we headed due west to starboard on mark yellow then to mark 3 Gold Fleet making 2 laps, and ending with the last 3 heats going to port marks 5 or 6 then then 1 to port then finishing.

In GOLD Fleet, there were five competitors. With Dave Steger continuing to dominate the field, Doug Rieger and Rick Lawler rounding out the top 3 positions.

In SILVER Fleet, with 5 sailors competing, Scott Westrum held off the charging Larry Ward buy a mere 3 points scoring 2nd place, with Dan Jarold holding off the young gun Jon Robert by only 2 points.

Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 8/4/2020
Tuesday August 4, 2020 Report:

The evening started out. Temperatures were chilling down starting in the 70s into the 60’s by the end of the evening, with sky’s being mostly cloudy winds 7-12mph starting out of the northwest then clocking to due west. The first 6 heats we were heading to marks 8 to port then to 2 & T as a gate. Then as the wind clocked, we headed due west to starboard on mark green then to mark 3 and ending the evening with the last 2 heats making 2 laps around the course.

In GOLD Fleet, there were Three competitors. The evening was the Rick & Mike show with Rick winning 8 of 12 heats.

In SILVER Fleet, Bob Kalman and Dan Jarold were chasing each other through all 12 Heats, In the end Bob took First Place by only 3 points.

Special thanks to the Lovely “Linda Kalman” for keeping score and calling the line!!
Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 7/28/2020
Tuesday 7/28 Race Results

Although the winds were near perfect the direction presented a challenge, out of the west. This makes the first leg to mark 1 a close reach. The challenge was to get a good start and try and get mark room. Then it was down wind to mark 2 to port, a beam reach to mark 3 to port and then a windward leg to the finish. There was enough wind, 6-8, that an additional leg was added. From mark 3 it was windward to the green start mark to starboard, downwind to mark 4 and then a windward finish.

Unfortunately, there were multiple casualties. Bob Schuster suffered a dismasting which caused deck damage and he had to retire after only three heats. Rick Lawler discovered that he was taking on water so much so that he had to empty after each race. He then suffered servo failure and did not race the last three heats. Bob G also suffered servo damage due to water and was unable to race the last three heats. Not a great way to enjoy an otherwise beautiful sailing evening.

I would like to correct an oversight on my part and acknowledge the strong finish by Larry Ward in the Silver Fleet last Saturday. He finished the day with 7 first place finishes to win the day which cemented his position as number one in the Spring Series. Well done Larry!

Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series 7/25/2020
Saturday 7/25 - Last Race Day of the Spring Series

This last race day of the Spring Series turned out to be very much like the whole series, good weather and close competition. Going into this last race day there was a total of five points difference between 1st and 4th, without discards. The winds started out looking iffy as it was light to non-existent. We were all thinking out loud that this would be a six heat day. Not a good way to finish such a close season. But, as the morning progressed the winds filled in. The frustration was that it changed direction constantly, which caused RD Bob Kalman great frustration. Especially when he was challenged on his course selection right after it was posted and the direction had changed. Even so, all the courses selected turned out be challenging. But not for Dave who finished the day with 8 1st place finishes. Very strong finish to a winning season. Well done Dave.

Note: after the racing next Saturday 8/8, which is the first race day of the Fall Series, we will be having our Spring Series awards picnic. It is being held at Mike & Nita’s, Gather 3:00, Grill 4:00 and Eat 5:00. Please see the email that Mike sent out earlier this week. Please RSVP to znita@hotmail.com! Even if you do not plan to or cannot attend.

Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 7/21/2020
Tuesday Series 7/21/20

Another near perfect Racing evening at SPIRE pond!

With the west shoreline removed of cattails it was even better. Winds were out of the NNE from 4 to 6. Windward mark was 8 to port, then down to mark 2 to port, then windward back up to 8 with the line being closed. The finish was downwind from mark 8. The winds did not die, as usually is the case as the evening progresses, so we were able to do the double loop for all but one of our 12 heats.

Note: A reporter from the Ashtabula Gazette spent the evening with us so look for an article about WRMYC and our racing program. BIG “Thank You” to All that helped with Pond Clean-up Last Saturday!!
Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series 7/18/2020
Saturday Series 7/18/20 (7/11/20 Make-up Race)

Today’s race was a make-up for last Saturday’s cancelled race. Because today was supposed to be a pond cleanup day, we only raced 6 heats. Winds were out of the west which makes for a very short windward leg. We started using the Swan as our windward mark but switched over to the green start mark. From there we went to mark 1, then down to mark 4 and then a windward finish. For the last heat, with the wind increasing, we added a windward leg to the blue start mark, then back down to 3 and then a windward finish. It was a beautiful day made even better with the brisk winds.

Note: after the racing, all the cattails along the west shoreline were removed, which removed the wind shadow and opened up the sightline. A big improvement.
Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 7/14/2020
Tuesday Series July 14th

Forecast was for winds out of the NNE starting at 4 and dropping to 1. This is one time we were glad we ignored the forecasters and showed up. Winds were 4-6 out of the NNE, so it turned out to be a pretty good night for racing. Short course was from S/F to mark 8, downwind to mark 1 and then a windward finish. Course was lengthened to include mark 2 after mark 1 to make the finish more of a windward finish. Wind actually increase enough that our 12th race was extended to a double loop. Unfortunately, we pushed our luck and the plug was pulled on the wind machine. The race had to be abandoned. Reminder that we are making this Saturday a make-up race day for the cancellation of last Saturday’s race. We will be only sailing 6 heats as the day is intended to be a pond cleanup day, which will follow immediately after completion of our racing. Your attendance would be greatly appreciated.

Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 7/7/2020
Tuesday Series, July 7th 2020

Well tonight produced a flashback to Camp Stigwandish and mark 1, the dead and fluky corner. Winds were light and variable in direction and out of the SWW. This made for frustrating sailing getting to and rounding mark 1, which was the windward mark. From there the course took us into open waters and better wind. Leeward marks were around 4 to 8 and then a slight windward leg to the finish. And when wind and time allowed, a longer windward finish was created by rounding mark 7 after mark 4.

Two of the most troublesome land problems were resolved by the purchase of a megaphone to amplify the starting clock sequence and the use or a dry erase board to post the courses. Just if the RD could write more clearly it would even work better. Note: We’re racing this Saturday, with Rick Lawler as the RD. Hope to see your there.

Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series 7/4/2020
Saturday Series Race Results – 7/4/20

Another spectacular day for racing. Spire pond is proving to be an exceptional venue. We have yet to have bad conditions as we have had at our other venues. I would like to restate the Covid-19 rules we are following:

- Spire Covid-19 form is completed for each participant along with a temperature check. - Masks are required when closer than 6 feet to another individual. - You are allowed to walk the shoreline as long as you are masked or stay apart. - You must wear a mask when launching/retrieving a boat. We have found these rules to be within established guidelines and yet allow us to race safely and comfortably. We encourage you to come see for yourself how safe and nice Spire pond racing is.

We had five skippers in both Gold and Silver fleets and were able to finish 12 heats. Today’s winds were out of the N and for the first three races were moderate to light. We ran a short course of S/F to windward mark 8, downwind to mark 1 and then windward to finish. As the wind began to build, we ran a longer course of S/F windward to X mark to mark 7, down wind to mark 1, to mark 2 and then windward to finish. For the last race a second windward leg was added up to X mark, mark 7 and then a down wind finish. It was a very nice day to be a Soling skipper.
Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 6/30/2020
Tuesday Series 6/30/2020

Another near perfect sailing evening. Cloudless sunshine, mid 80’s, with winds out of the NE consistently and speed from 6-10 with gusts up to 14. Courses were windward to mark 5 to port, downwind to leeward mark 1 to port and finish. Longer courses add windward work from leeward mark 1 to mark 5 to port with a downwind finish.

There were two damaged boats; Dan dropped his boat in the parking lot and cracked his hull at the rudder. This was noticed after a practice race and was patched with taped. He was able to race all 12 heats. Bob Green had what looked like a glancing blow in a windward/downwind collision only to just make it back to the dock before his boat sank. The bow was cracked which was patched with tape and he was able to complete the last three heats. All in all, it was a very exciting and enjoyable evening.
Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 6/16/2020
6/16/2020 Tuesday Series:

In my five years and many different venues racing I have never had such a near perfect racing evening. SPIRE is exceeding our expectations and the weather was near perfect. Winds were consistent in both direction (NE) and speed (5-8). Courses would alternate between rounding mark 5 then the Offset mark to rounding mark 6 then mark 7 as the wind shifted slightly. Leeward mark was always mark 1, which made for an interesting windward finish. These were all long heats with tough competition, starts were all close as were many finishes. With these types of weather conditions getting all 12 heats in was easy. The wind at this pond is unobstructed in all directions, eliminating Stig and Rec Park fluky corners and dead spots. It is a true joy to sail this pond.

Note: a third dock section was installed yesterday by Bob Green and Doug Rieger. This section was added at the end of the existing two sections to create a “T”. The dock is 8 feet wide and with the addition of the “T” now extends 14 feet into the pond and has a 10’-foot launch/retrieval section. This allows for social distancing for launch and retrieval. For those skippers who are hesitant to come out because of the virus I encourage you to come see what the conditions are as we believe them to be very safe.

Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series Points Standings 6/14/2020
Saturday Series Spring 2020

With the loss of the first two Saturdays, due to the virus, we are extending the Spring Series one week to July 25th.

This makes for a six-race series, which makes Saturday’s race the half way point in the series. Here are the overall standings to date.
Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series 6/13/2020
Saturday Series 6/13/2020

Saturday’s racing was some of the best we have had in a long time. Our new venue is turning out to be genuinely nice. There was no week problem. The winds varied from N to E with the NE being the most prevalent. Wind speed slowly built from 3-5 to steady 6-8 with gusts of 12+. Our courses used the full pond north to south, with marks 5 & 6 as windward marks and mark 1 as the leeward mark. With this kind of wind, we were able to run longer courses and a full 12 heat race day. If you were not there, you missed a good one.

Virus update: We are observing CDC/AMYA guidelines during our racing. In addition, SPIRE requires us to comply with their questionnaire and take temperatures. We always observe social distancing and mask wearing. We believe this makes for very safe racing.
Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 6/9/2020
Tuesday Series 6/9/2020

First race night at our new venue, SPIRE Institute. Nice lake, large enough, but had some weed problems. We are working aggressively on resolving this issue. The NEW Dock is nice, and a third section has been ordered and will be added soon.

Winds were out of the SE, light, and variable. There was some flukeness at Mark 2, the weather mark. We then went down wind to either Mark 8 or the yellow S/F mark then to finish. We varied the leeward mark based on trying to get as many heats in as possible. As it was, we only got 9 heats in.

There is some discussion about moving the marks, as they are too far away and too close to the cattails. This will be a Saturday pre-race project. All in all, it was a good start to racing at SPIRE Institute. Oh, by the way, it was HOT.

Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 6/2/2020
Tuesday Series 6/2/2020

Once again Rec Park proved to be a challenge. Winds were light to moderate to "whoa", so sometimes you were drifting and then the rail was in the water. The quirky thing was we were able to run both a north course and a south course, with both being windward legs, go figure. Although it was a beautiful evening, turnout was low with only 4 boats in Gold and 2 in Silver.

The winds were light and squirrelly enough that at the end of heat 6 we contemplated calling it a race. But fortunately, we kept racing and the next 6 heats turned out to the best of the season. No one had to go swim for their boat, but Painesville Rec posted a “No Swimming" sign right in front of our launch area (big brother is watching you!).

Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series 5/30/2020
Race Results Saturday 5/30/2020

Well, Kiwanis Rec Park showed its most frustrating side. With moderate to light winds, it should have been a reasonable sailing day. Winds were mostly out of the WSW but were also out of the W, NW and N, with occasional dead spots, total wind shifts and swirling. Auto tacks were very frequent, along with strong wind gusts. This presented challenging race conditions for everyone, except Rick L. in gold fleet, who found the sweet spot on all but two races, had 8 first place finishes and finished 1st overall. Well done Rick!

Silver fleet has a new competitor in Jon Robert Hernandez, Rick L's grandson, who finished 2nd overall on his first race of the season!

This kind of race conditions will make the move to SPIRE INSTITUTE all that much sweeter. Watch our club webpage or Facebook, as docks and marks will be installed this Monday and hope to race there either next Tuesday or Saturday.

Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 5/26/2020
Race Results 5/26/2020

Tuesday was a beautiful evening with moderate to light air. Social distancing was observed. Winds were out of the North, with lots of shifting and speed changes. It eventually lightened up so that we only were able to get in 8 heats. Off the start the windward mark was #5 to starboard and then starboard around the offset mark between 5 & 4, downwind to the leeward mark which was #2 to port and then around the offset mark to port and then the beat to the finish. The most challenging leg was the windward leg to the finish from #2. There were several choices and they all seemed to work when the wind was right.

The best job was Rick’s taking the east bank route and getting lifted halfway to the mark, without running aground. Silver fleet had its’ share of excitement with Brad having to go wadding to get his disabled boat. Unfortunately, everyone was so concentrated on their racing that no action picture was taken for the record. Both fleets had tie finishes that were determined by most 1st.

Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series 5/23/2020
The Clubs 1st Saturday Event for the 2020 season, just 7 Sailors turned out to do battle!

The wind was forecast to be from the NNE at about 4 MPH at Start and pick up to 8-10 in the later heats, Mild temperatures High 60's. The mixed sunshine and overcast, and the wind was shifting, so at times boats were dead in the water, as those behind them in the fleet bore down, surfing into contention as the hapless leader waited for the good wind to reach HIM!!

Gold Fleet:

We had a total of 3 Gold Fleet sailors show up plus RD David Steger. Mike Wyatt won, just 2 points ahead of Rick Lawler, who was 10 points ahead of Larry Lamphier. Every Skipper won at least a single race, and the way to win was consistency in the rapidly changing wind conditions.

Silver Fleet:

In Silver, there were also 4 competitors, for a total participation/ both Fleets, of 7. Battling it out for the win on the day were Larry Ward and Brad Ferrell, separated by just a single point after discards. In third- Bob Kalman with the most 2nds over the #90 Dan Jarold.

Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 5/19/2020

Our first Tuesday night race was sailed with social distance seating, no walking, masks and the usual fluky winds at Kiwanis Rec Park. Winds were out of the NE and were light (frustrating) to moderate (encouraging). There were six Gold boats and two Silver boats, so both fleets started together. Windward mark was an offset mark between 4 & 5 which was rounded to port, then to mark 5 rounded to port, onto mark 2 rounded to port and back to finish. First windward leg was short but tricky as it was at the frustrating north end of the pond. The beat to the finish from Mark 2 was made challenging because of the wind shadow from the two big trees on the east bank. Although the winds continued to decrease as the sun set, we were able to get 12 heats in.

Dave Steger started the evening with two firsts and continued his low point scoring to take first overall. Wayne Forbes proved that an old dog doesn’t need new tricks when the old ones work just fine by finishing in second. Bob Kalman and Brad Ferrell fought it out to finish with the exact same total of points. Since there were only two of them there was no tie-breaker, so they both get 1st for this first race. All things considered it was a good start to our 2020 racing season.

Soling 1 Meter Club 2019 Tuesday Evening Series Year End Results 10/29/2019
Tuesday Series Year End Result's:

Congratulations to the following Sailors:

Gold Fleet

1st- Rick Lawler 2nd- Bob Green 3rd- Mike Wyatt

Silver Fleet

1st- Jack Nissen 2nd- Brad Ferrell 3rd- Ron Sieloff

Soling 1 Meter Club 2019 WRMYC Saturday Fall Series Final Results 10/26/2019
WRMYC 2019 Saturday Series Final Results:

Congratulations to the Following Sailors!

Overall Champions:

Gold Fleet:

1st Place - Rick Lawler 2nd Place- Bob Green 3rd Place- Bob Valentine

Silver Fleet

1st- Tom Bluhm 2nd- Brad Ferrell 3rd- Bob Kalman

Fall Series

Gold Fleet

1st- Rick Lawler 2nd- Bob Green 3rd- Bob Valentine

Silver Fleet

1st- Brad Ferrell 2nd-Tom Bluhm 3rd- Scott Westurm
Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 10/22/2019
10/22/19 Tuesday Series

Tonight, we started with wind out of the SW blowing 7-18 mph and by the 3nd race it we were blessed by gods of wind increasing to 10-20mph clocking out of the SSW and got all 12 races in! Race Director Rick Lawler set courses from S/F to marks 2 or 3 then to 4,5,6 or X most of the evening. We would also like to thank Linda Kalman for keeping Tuesday evening scores SHE has been a true blessing!

Tonight, Rick Lawler in Gold Fleet bested Bob Green by 8 points, third was Jim Hogan by additional 12 points. Gold Fleet Tuesday series is Tight only spreading leader Rick Lawler and Bob Green by 2 points. With only 1 race left in the season the excitement builds!

In Silver, Brad Ferrell took charge with Four 1st place finishes and takes event with Jack Nissen in 2nd 2 points behind, Ron Sieloff takes third just 3 points behind.
Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 10/15/2019
Tuesday Oct 15 Report:

What started out as GREAT wind, and ideal sailing….well- ended with drifting conditions as the sunlight went away. Winds before racing were in the 10-12 MPH range from the SE- ideal for great beats and fast reaches. But as the evening got underway- the wind went away - gradually at first, but by Heat 4 or so was a flatwater drifter.

In GOLD, Mike Wyatt, returning after missing the last 4 events or so, lucked out, winning by a single point over Bob Green. In Third- just ONE more point back was David Steger. Notable finishes by Jim Hogan meant that he placed a close fourth.

In SILVER- it was Jack Nissen, beating Brad Ferrell, again by a single point. In Third- Ron Sieloff sailing a borrowed #427 of Rick Lawler’s. Bob Kalman had some pretty good races, and has really come a long way for a first season racing.

Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series 10/12/2019
Saturday Series 10-12-2019

A tough day! Temps in high 40’s / 13-18 MPH Wind. Making boat control challenging at best! The prevailing direction was SSW meaning that was easy picking courses for RD Bob Kalman. Usually it was S/F out to 1,2 or 3, sail to Mark 4,5,6 or X, then finishing. The wonderful Linda Kalman did a fantastic job as score keeper even bundled up as an eskimo!

In GOLD, Rick Lawler was dominant- winning 8 out of the 12 Heats – and discarding Two of his others for a score of just 12 points. In second, Bob Green followed by Larry Lamphier were 6-11 points ahead of the rest.

In SILVER Fleet- with only 2 boats competing, Tom Bluhm won 8 of his 12 counted races to total 12 points after the 2 Discards. In Second Place was Brad Ferrell- who won 4 Heats in a good heavy air performance.

With one race to go in the Saturday series, Gold fleet has a tight race for 2nd & 3rd. In Silver there’s a fight for 1-2nd Place. We’ll see how the cards fall!

Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 10/8/2019
10/8/19 Tuesday Series

Tonight, we started with wind out of the Se blowing 4-5 mph and by the 1st race it dropped off to 2-3 mph clocking out of the NNW and at 6 races the event was called, which only qualified for 1 throw-out.

Tonight, Dave Steiger in Gold Fleet Was on a mission scoring 4 first place’s winning the night, But the real story was a 3way points tie for 3rd. Congratulations Commodore Larry Lamphier winning 2nd for the night beating Rick Lawler with Most 2nd place finishes, Then Rick Lawler Bested Bob Green for 3rd with Most 1st place finishes.

In Silver, Jack Nissen took charge with Four 1st place finishes and takes event with Brad Ferrell in 2nd ,4 points behind, Ron Sieloff takes third.
Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 10/1/2019
10/1/19 Tuesday Series

Tonight, we started with wind out of the SW blowing 4-8 mph and by the 2nd race it dropped off to 1-2 mph clocking out of the SSW and at 6 races the event was called, which only qualified for 1 throw-out. We would also like to thank the wonderful Linda Kalman for keeping Tuesday evening scores throughout this season, Go Girl!

Tonight, Rick Lawler in Gold Fleet bested Bob Schuster by 5 points third was Bob Green by 6 points. Gold Fleet also welcomed back Jim Hogan which he spent most of the season in sick bay recovering from eye surgery, we can confirm the surgery was a great success since he didn’t miss any marks!

In Silver, Jack Nissen took charge with Four 1st place finishes and takes event with Brad Ferrell in 2nd 5 points behind, Ron Sieloff takes third and tied points with Brad Ferrell but got beat on throw outs. Bob Kalman, Karen Baker & Steve Winfield continue to progress, but the light air is ultra-challenging for the greenhorns..

Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series 9/28/2019
Race Results 9/28/19 Saturday Fall Series:

What a Gorgeous Day for Sailing Partly Sunny 81°F When we arrived winds were 8-11mph out of the south but evenly clocked around to the WSW for the remainder of the 12-heat event. Jack Nissen was Race Director for the event and made a 2-hour trip to fulfill his comments for which he did a GREAT Job! THANKS JACK!

In Gold Fleet the Boat Doctor Wayne Forbes blessed us with his presence and blew the cobwebs off 2295, it showed not sailing most of the season he was a little rusty on the sticks.. As the day progressed Points leader Rick Lawler continued to dominate besting 2nd place Bob Green by 10 points after discards. 3rd place was decided by a tie breaker most 1st’s Congratulations to birthday boy for Bob Schuster, Dr. Forbes is forth.

In Silver Fleet, Brad Ferrule was Kicking Butt and Taking Names with 10 Firsts! 8 points back was Tom Blume for second and in Third was Steve Winfield. Round out the bottom of the field is Karen Baker & Bob Kalman which are making progress.

Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 9/24/2019
9/24/19 Tuesday Series

Tonight, we started with wind out of the NW blowing 4-8 mph and by the 5th race it dropped off to 1-2 mph clocking out of the SSW and at 7 races the event was called, which only qualified for 1 throw-out.

Tonight, Rick Lawler in Gold Fleet bested Tied for 2nd Bob Green & Larry Lamphier by 6 points. Bob & Larry- Ran the board with a complete Tie after everything was tallied.

In Silver, Brad Ferrell won First with 8 points, 2 ahead of Jack Nissen AND 8 ahead Ron Sieloff.
Soling 1 Meter Regatta 2019 Soling 1m Region 4 Championship Via WRMYC 9/21/2019
9/21/19 2019 Soling 1m Region 4 Championship Hosted by WRMYC. Congratulations Chuck Millican
U.S. One Meter Regatta 2019 US1m Championship Via WRMYC 9/19/2019
2019 US1m Championship Hosted by WRMYC. Congratulations Scott Rowland!
Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series 9/14/2019
Race Results Saturday 9/14/19.

A very nice day for sailing- cool (70s), partly cloudy, w/ winds from the SW at about 6- 8 all day, however there were “holes” and shifts that required the skippers’ undivided attention to sail clean races. The shifting wind and direction made it difficult for RD Steve Winfield to set course, but he tried several to attempt to get windward legs.

In Gold Fleet- Rick Lawler sailed to an easy win on the strength of 7 first place finishes, backed up by a single 2, and two 3s for a 6 point win over Doug Rieger. In third was Mike Wyatt.

In Silver Fleet, Brad Ferrell and Tom Bluhm battled through the first six Heats, exchanging Firsts and Seconds almost equally, until Brad scored four Firsts and a Second in Heats 8 through 12. Notably, Bob Kalman won Heat 9, surfing across the line well ahead of the rest of Silver, and new sailor Karen Baker scored THREE third places, her best outing yet. Karen is making good headway and seems to have fun doing it.

Next week- WRMYC hold TWO regattas- the US1M Nationals, and the Region 4 Soling Regionals. No racing on Tuesday- all will be on deck for final venue preparations. We’ll be back Club Racing on Tuesday September 24.

Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 9/10/2019
September 10th, 2019 Tuesday Series Racing

Hot and Humid conditions with Temps in the 90’s, Forecast was wind out of the south 7-11mph, when racing started with was out of the NW 4-6mph... The first 2 heats went off as planned then the wind shut off! Dead Flat... HOT & STICKY. Race Director Rick Lawler, Considered Calling the event, but be a decision could be made the wind picked up out if the south as predicted and the Race was ON!! Nice wind for the remainder of the event.

In Gold Fleet it was the Bob Green Show! Dave Steiger and Rick Lawler Battled for position with the experienced Steiger earning 2nd.

In Silver fleet the Story was the current points leader Jack Nissen was absent, so it was time for Ferrell and Sieloff Battle for position advancement! Ferrell won the event with 6 first place finishes to end the evening.

Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 9/3/2019
Tuesday Series September 3, 2019-

Another tough day! The Sailors ask for Wind and the good Lord blessed us! Consistently blowing 14-16mph out of the SSW with crazy puffs to 22mph! It was all hands-on deck! Boat control was critical for the first 6 races, then things tended to clam down for remaining heats. Fortunately, no boats were dismantled, and they held up under extreme conditions!

In GOLD, Dave Steger was dominant- winning 7 out of the 12 Heats – and discarding two of his others for a score of just 13 points. In second, Rick Lawler followed by Bob Shuster. Tom Melsheimer offered his boat up to a guest “Martin Caps” to try out as both also helped in scoring Great Job Guys!

In SILVER Fleet- with 5 boats competing, Brad Ferrell won 6 of his 12 counted races to total 15 points after the standard 2 Discards. In Second Place was Jack Nissen- who won 4 Heats in a CRAZY Heavy Air performance, 13 points ahead of Third Place Ron Sieloff.
Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series 8/31/2019
Saturday Series August 31, 2019-

A gorgeous day! 75°F Bright sunshine with a few lazy clouds. The day started with winds out of the NE, but soon clocked around to the NNE, Dan Jerold did a fine Job as Race Director and gave us competitive courses all day. Most of the day the prevailing direction was NNE meaning that the Course’s was 1,2,3 Finish. Or 6,3 Finish.

In GOLD, Rick Lawler inched out Bob Valentine- Both tying with 26 points but after throw outs Lawler Prevailed. – Followed in Third was Bob Shuster, Larry L & Doug R’s ended early with equipment failures.

In SILVER Fleet- with 5 boats competing, Tom Bluhm continued his domination, In Second Place was Scott Westrum- who won 3 Heats, 4 points ahead of Third Place Brad Ferrell.
Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 8/27/2019
Tuesday August 27, 2019 Report:

It goes ta show ya: don’t ASSUME the rain will scare off a bunch of WRMYC sailors!! Sailing Director/ Vice Commodore Rick Lawler TOLD us- “Come out, there is supposed to be enough of a “window” that we can get in at least 6 Heats!” And SD Rick was right. It rained steadily- up to about race time, then stopped. We even had some (very) brief sunshine!!

Racing commenced in a very slight drizzle which soon fizzled, and we dumped our ponchos and rain jackets then got in ALL 12 Heats! We even had great air- 8-10 MPH from the East with slight shifts that required tacking on the headers.

In GOLD Fleet, there were five competitors. “Sushi Bob” Valentine and Mike Wyatt battled all evening, but Bob prevailed, winning five Heats to Mike’s four, and taking the win on the “Most Firsts” tiebreaker. Rick Lawler came in Third.

In SILVER Fleet, Jack Nissen and Brad Ferrell were chasing each other through all 12 Heats, and ANOTHER tie on points was the result, with Jack winning by the (again) “Most Firsts” tiebreaker. HOW MUCH MORE competitive can sailboat racing be, than three ties among 9 sailors?? Because Steve Winfield bested Bob Kalman- again by a tiebreaker!! Great stuff!!
Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series 8/24/2019
Saturday Series August 24, 2019-

A tough day! Most of the day (at least as soon as the first race started and until the last race #10 was finished) there was zero – 3 MPH tops wind. The prevailing direction was NE meaning that the trees blocked a good bit of the lake from getting what breeze there was, and made setting race courses very difficult for RD Brad Ferrell. Usually it was S/F out in the middle, sail to Mark X or 6, then round and go west to either Mark 4 then 3 or even 2, before finishing.

In GOLD, Bob Green was dominant- winning 8 out of the 10 Heats – and discarding one of his others for a score of just 12 points. In second, Rick Lawler followed by Bob Valentine were 10- 17 points ahead of the rest.

In SILVER Fleet- with only 4 boats competing, Tom Bluhm won 7 of his 9 counted races to total 9 points after the single Discard. In Second Place was Scott Westrum- who won 3 Heats in a good light air performance, 3 points ahead of Third Place Bob Kalman.

Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 8/20/2019
Race results 8/20/19.

Light air (again)!!! The afternoon LOOKED promising, with nice winds of about 4-6 from the South, and temperature of about 83 and partly cloudy. But as we got close to race time- it happened- dying air, more clouds, then eventually NO air. So- we got in 10 Heats.

In GOLD Fleet, David Steger showed the way- after a slow first several heats where he scored 3rds, and even a DNF (a rig tangle with another boat), David started winning races, eventually scoring six 1s out of 10 completed Heats. In second- Rick Lawler, only 3 points after discards behind, then in Third- Mike Wyatt, well back.

In SILVER Fleet, we had (a first!) seven competitors, including new sailor Karen Baker. Karen was doing her first event- and had a couple of respectable races as she learned (in very difficult conditions). Karen will continue to improve, and we welcome her to WRMYC!!

Winning the evening was Jack Nissen, on the strength of 5 wins (AND nothing counted below a 3). In second, Brad Ferrell, who has gotten his new sails acclimated to the rig, and did well- with 4 wins tonight. In Third Place was Ron Sieloff.

Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 8/13/2019
A very calm night!! Winds were from 0 to maybe 3 MPH at the peak, and shifty (even though shifts were hard to even notice in the almost non-existent breeze). SD Rick Lawler called it a night after just 7 of a planned 12 Heats, so only 1 Discard was applied.

In GOLD Fleet, Rick Lawler prevailed over David Steger, with Bob Valentine tying on points, but taking a Third on the tiebreaker.

In Silver, Brad Ferrell put up the win, again on the tiebreaker over Jack Nissen. In Third was Bob Kalman.
Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series 8/10/2019
Saturday Series 8/10/19

Nice day! The temperatures were mid 70's, and intermittent sunshine- AND a great turnout of 14 sailors (including RD Scott Westrum). Winds were varying in direction, generally from the NE but at times from the North, at strengths of about 5 -6 MPH all day.

In Gold Fleet, Bob Valentine won, 2 points ahead of Mike Wyatt tied on points with Bob Green, winning the second spot on a "most 1s" tiebreaker. Bob V. had three Heat wins, but (essentially) scored 3rds at about the same rate as Mike and Bob Green did 4ths, accounting for the scoring difference. Rick Lawler and Tom Schreiber deserve honorable mention- they finished just 1 and 2 points respectively behind the 3rd Place points tie.

Silver Fleet also had a battle- with Dan Jarold taking the win over Tom Bluhm based on a most 1's tiebreaker. In third was Brad Ferrell.

Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 7/30/2019
Tuesday 7/30/19

A tough night!! At least a calm, quiet night- very little wind. Winds were only around 2- 3 MPH, generally from the East to Northeast, with temps in the low 80's, and partly cloudy skies. SD Rick Lawler ran races that typically were (either) S/F- turn mark- 3- 4- Finish, or sometimes S/F - 5- 4- Finish. He even ran ONE race that was S/F - turn mark, 3- 1- Finish, a long frustrating one!

Rick called it a night after six races, so we got ONE Discard.

At the end, Mike Wyatt finished in first/ Gold Fleet, just 3 points ahead of David Steger; in third was Rick Lawler.

In Silver Fleet, Guest Jim Green (Bob Green's younger brother, from Florida) sailing Bob's old boat, won with just 5 points in the six Heats after discards, ahead of Dan Jarold, who will score a "1" for the Series. Bob Kalman finished in 2nd- followed by Steve Winfield just a point behind. Congratulations to all on doing well on a tough night.

Following the racing, the club presented Steve Winfield with the Third Place/ Silver Fleet Saturday Spring Series cup - his first award for RC sailing. Steve could not be at the WRMYC Picnic this past Saturday, when awards were presented. Again, Congratulations!!

Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series 7/27/2019
Saturday 7/27/19:

Racing was tight (again) at Rec Park, for the first race day of the 2019 Fall Season. In Gold, Bob Green won the say, with 6 wins, backed up by otherwise only 2s and 3s counted after discards. In second- Bob Valentine, by only two points- then Rick Lawler was third.

In Silver, Brad Ferrell and Dan Jarold TIED- a perfect tie, the same number of 1s and 2s (Dan and Brad had six of each); in third was Guest Tom Baumgartner, who (with his wife "Boop") came to check out the club. om MAY be starting his own in Western PA. He picked up a transmitter for the first time sailing, and placed 4th, when Bob Kalman withdrew early in the Series.
Soling 1 Meter Club 2019 WRMYC Spring Series Final Results 7/27/2019
After 7/27 Racing, the WRMYC Sailors and Spouses joined at Wyatt's for a great picnic and Awards for the Saturday first half (Spring) Series which concluded on July 13. Top 3 placings for the Spring:

Gold points after one discard

Rick Lawler 10 Bob Valentine 15 Mike Wyatt 16

Silver points after one discard

Tom Bluhm 11 Brad Ferrell 13 Steve Winfield 21
Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 7/23/2019
July 23rd Tuesday Series Racing

Back to Camp Stigwandish!! We had a report that “the weeds” were gone. THAT was great news, but alas, it turned out that many of the weeds are gone, but many remain, although they seem to be brown rather than green – a good sign. But, as they die they float near to the surface, where they still can foul our boats and change race results.

Last Saturday, July 20- WRMYC had a very successful Open Sail Date at Camp Stigwandish, which was to have been combined with a Women’s Sailing event. That was cancelled, but the Open Sail was held, per the location in the original announcement, and was very successful. No weeds- but that was also in great air- into the teens, which will “disguise” weed fouling if it happens all.

Tonight, the air was lighter, and the weeds caused some problems. Sailing Director Rick Lawler put it to a vote- and the majority voted to return to Painesville Rec Park starting with the next event- July 27, THIS Saturday, and until the weeds finally give up as usual in early September or UFN.

Tonight, Rick Lawler in Gold Fleet bested Bob Valentine by just 2 points, but those two owned the scoring otherwise. Tom Schreiber and Mike Wyatt tied on points for Third, but 15 points behind Bob and 17 behind Rick. Third went to Tom on the “Most 1s” tiebreaker.

In Silver, Jack Nissen won First with 18 points, 6 ahead of Ron Sieloff AND Tom Bluhm, who had a points tie, with both placing 2nd. Steve Winfield was in 4th Place.

Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 7/16/2019
Race Results 7/16/19

YET ANOTHER great night!! The rain held off (until 9 PM) so we got in all 12 Heats, under cloudy skies at Painesville Rec Park. Earlier (before racing of course!) we had GREAT wind 12-14 MPH, but...it was not to be, and the wind dropped off pretty dramatically just before the Practice Race. So, in a decent WSW wind of around 6-8 most of the evening, we enjoyed VERY competitive racing.

In GOLD Fleet- Rick Lawler had a great night, sailing to a 3-point win with five First Places, two Seconds and a third over the 10 counted Heats. The battle between David Steger, and Mike Wyatt ended a TIE (the first in several years) for Second Place. Each of them had 1 win, 5 seconds, and 4 thirds, while discarding their 2 fourth places - for an absolute points tie.

In SILVER Fleet, Jack Nissen won by 6 points over Second-place Ron Sieloff, who edged out Brad Ferrell in Third. Jack won SIX First Places, and Ron won the other four of the 10 counted Heats.

Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series 7/13/2019
Saturday Series 7/13/19

A nice day of racing, as the club wound up its Spring Saturday Series for 2019. Next Saturday Race date - July 27- starts our Fall Saturday Series for this year, and a whole new competition in both Fleets.

At the end of the year- the points from the two Saturday Series get added up, and the lowest points (after tiebreakers) win the season Championship, BUT there is also a second set of awards for the Fall series as well. So- a LOT of competition remains.

On Saturday, July 13, Larry Lamphier held a clinic on rounding marks and explaining why your course around the mark should follow a circle of ever-decreasing size as you round a Mark, and leave the Mark on the best course to the following one. Thanks Larry!!

The wind was forecast to be from the WSW at about 10 MPH with warm temperatures well into the 80's. The sun was shining, and the wind was shifting, so at times boats were dead in the water, as those behind them in the fleet bore down, surfing into contention as the hapless leader waited for the good wind to reach HIM!!

Gold Fleet: We had a total of 5 Gold Fleet sailors show up plus RD David Steger. Mike Wyatt won, just 3 points ahead of Rick Lawler, who was a mere 1 point ahead of Tom Schreiber. Every Skipper won at least a single race, and the way to win was consistency in the rapidly changing wind conditions.

In Silver, there were also 5 competitors, for a total participation/ both Fleets, of 11. Battling it out for the win on the day were Tom Bluhm and new sailor Steve Winfield, separated by just a single point after discards. In third- Bob Kalman. Brad Ferrell was in the hunt until Heat #4 when he broke a sail control arm, and missed 5 Heats as a result.

Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 7/9/2019
Tuesday Series 7/9/19

Another beautiful night- temp in the high 70s and EVERYTHING had cooled down (wink), making for a nice quiet evening of sailing. Even the wind, which started at 4 MPH or so, went pretty quiet as the evening went on, and races were won by getting good starts, finding clear air, and concentration. One had to constantly adjust sails to keep the boat moving, and EZ on the rudder!!

In Gold Fleet, Mike Wyatt eeked out the points advantage over Dave Steger, by just ONE racing point, which finalized at 3 after discards (Dave actually sailed more consistently- having to count only two 3rds, and no 4ths or 5ths, while Wyatt had to count one of his 4th place finishes). In third was Bob Green.

In Silver Fleet, the battle between Jack Nissen and Tom Bluhm continued- with Jack winning this round, placing First and Ron Sieloff coming in third.
Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 7/2/2019
Tuesday series 7/2/19.

Rough night for a few of us! "HOT" & "Sticky" 93° with Humidity in the 70's. with 3-6 mph wind to almost dead at time's, Racing as halted after only only 6 heats.

Gold Fleet was Dominated by The dueling Bob's! Bobby V Jibed for a win over Bob Green by a tie breaker, most notable improvement was Tom Melsheimer finishing 3rd.

Silver Fleet is the exciting one to watch! These up and coming sailor's duke it out like its the America's cup on any given event! Tom Bluhm still has been the dominate one, just barely beating Jack Nissen by one point. Honorable mention was Brad Ferrell and Bob Kalman.

Last Night Jack Nissen was on FIRE his start was 3 minutes after Golds Start when powering through the light wind shifts and after 3 marks rounded ended up beating all of gold fleet to Take The Win. AMAZING Rookie!

Gentleman as Competition and Mother Nature Heats this Summer up, we should all review the The Corinthian Spirit- Principles in how WRMYC operates which is posted in the club documents!

Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series 6/29/2019
Saturday Series 6/29/19 A VERY wet day greeted us as we arrived at the Painesville Rec Park pond- pouring rain. So, we huddled under the nearest pavilion, while Dan Jarold taught the Sailing School- topic “Rules We Forgot”. This is not really those Racing Rules that we skipped by accident, but the finer points on some of the more often faced situations, interspersed with a review of the Rules we have covered in sessions so far. The review generated some good questions from those who had thought over the presentations from previous weeks, and found some variations or wanted further explanation. Examples are mark rounding and giving room, and then Dan even covered hailing for room to tack for an obstruction like the shore. Nice job, Dan. Turnout was light- only three in Gold Fleet, and a decent five boats in Silver.

At almost EXACTLY 10:45- the time racing is supposed to get underway – the skies cleared, the sun came out, and it was time!!! After one practice race, and then for the next six Heats, the wind was terrific, about 8 from the SE, steady so we could sail nice beats all the way to the south end of the lake, round #2 and return. There were shifts- but smaller ones where it paid to tack, and not the normal, unpredictable huge shifts we see at this venue. RD Bob Valentine set up windward/ leeward courses followed by a short beat from 5 to Finish. (Start- #2- #5- Finish) He then sometimes even added a second windward leg, making it Start- #2- #5- Finish making for a nice long race where less importance is attached to the Start.

By Heat 7, the winds were starting to return to more normal (unpredictable!) Rec Park-like conditions, still at about 6 -8 MPH, but shifting 20- 30 degrees then back, and with holes in various places where shoreline trees affect the breeze. In these conditions getting a good Start then spotting and tacking on the shifts, staying “in synch” with the wind became more important, as did staying with your basic strategy instead of chasing the wind (only to find it was gone when you got there). As the day ended, RD Valentine wrapped everything up at exactly 1:30 PM, the last time we can start a race. He got in all 12 Heats, and did a nice job doing it, too. Thanks Bob!!

Brad Ferrell placed first, over new sailor Steve Winfield. BUT (another new sailor) Bob Kalman had his best day ever- winning three Heats, and finishing 2nd in two for a solid third place. Nice progress Bob!
Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 6/25/2019
Race Report, Tuesday, June 25

Another beautiful night of weather at Rec Park- the warmer temperatures feel great, as does the sunshine. We have been incredibly lucky this year, with weather- YES it has rained a LOT, but it has seemed to clear out for our race days. Lucky us!!

Tonight, the winds were very fickle- we did HAVE wind, but it seemed to be from everywhere. However- there were patterns: - Races were generally S/F- 5- 4- 3 and Finish, or as they were extended- S/F- 5- 4- 3 - 1- 5 then Finish.

- The wind for each race seemed to follow the same pattern- a. fairly predictable from S to 5, shifting to a reach or even a run as you left the Line. Then as you approached #5 you wanted to be out in the lake and sail "down" on starboard to the Mark, because the winds were far lighter near the NW shore. From 5 to 4 was a beat, with a shift to the NW, meaning you sailed a veering course on an arc to the left in the last half of the leg- that means the fast line was to go south/ right on Port leaving Mark #5 then begin to round up on the last half to shoot the Mark. Sailing a straight line from 5 to 4 was not as fast.

Leaving 4- the fast lane was to go to the East shore, and sometimes I could follow that line all the way to #3 because the wind was better near shore. When that leg was a beat (maybe 25% of the time) I got by a few as I rode a lift the whole length while the others sailed out toward the middle. That was primarily early- maybe Heats 1-2-3. Later that leg was a run where it paid (again) to ride the eastern shore to #3. This basic pattern WAS consistent- even though it appeared to be very confused wind. BUT the run from either 3 to Finish or 3 to 5 then finish- ugh. You ran out of ind after the first 20-40 feet, to the S/F line before it kicked back in on the last half of the leg. There is paid to go right- again riding the better wind in the eastern 1/3 of the pond.

Rec Park IS tough- but it will teach you about seeing and reacting to wind shifts appropriately.
Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series 6/22/2019
Race Results Saturday 6/22/19

GREAT day!! One of those “I can’t understand why everybody doesn’t do this!!” days. The weather was beautiful, sunny, 74 degrees, wind from the NNE, and relatively steady at 4 maybe 6 MPH. After a great Sailing School Session by Bob Green (“Reaches and runs, and rounding marks”), Bob was also the RD. He set courses at either S/F- 5/S, 4/S, and either 3S- F; or 2S- F or 1P- 2P- F.

In Gold, Bob Valentine came on strong at the end of the day, winning 7-9-10, 11 and 12 to win Gold Fleet by 5 points over Mike Wyatt. In Third, was Tom Schreiber.

In Silver, Tom Bluhm won the day, easily, 11 points ahead of new sailor Steve Winfield. In Third was Dan Jarold- who would have placed 2nd, except for a strong finish by Steve in Heats 9-10-11, where Steve placed second, ahead of Dan in Third. VERY good racing in both Fleets!! Silver

Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 6/18/2019
Tuesday Series 6/18/19:

Another beautiful weather night, with light winds, but from a consistent NNE direction. At the beginning (3 PM-4 PM) "Weatherman Dan", Dan Jarold measured winds at 4-8 MPH, but the forecast was for lessening wind strength as the evening went on. This turned out to be exactly right. BUT, we got in all 12 Heats, finishing at about 7:30 as per the schedule. (SB = Starboard rounding; PR = Port rounding). Courses were generally S/F - 5/SB, 4/SB, then S/F to get in the first 6 or so Heats. Then, Sailing Director Rick Lawler started to lengthen courses, making the race more than just about getting a good Start, so S/F - 5/SB, 4/SB, 2/SB- S/F, and even adding in a cross to 1/P- 2P before Finish.

GOLD Fleet- VERY close racing!! The top three were within 6 points- or .5 per Heat.

SILVER Fleet- again very close racing. Jack Nissen and Tom Bluhm as usual battled it out for First as Tom won the initial 4 Heats; BUT, Jack came back to win Heats 5,6, and split a First Place "Tuesday Tie" with Dan Jarold in Heat #7. Then, Dan came into the game with 3 ADDITIONAL wins out of the final 5 Heats!! Both Tom Bluhm and Jack Nissen had FIVE wins; but guess what- "Weatherman Dan" had 4 wins on the night - counting the shared First Place in Heat 7. Dramatic improvement for Dan and a terrific battle in Silver!!
Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Night Series 6/11/2019
Tuesday Series 6/11/19

Great night- beautiful blue skies, 75 degrees. A little CHALLENGING on the wind front- light from 0 - 6 or so all evening, varying direction. Courses were typically S - 5 or 4- then 3, and Finish; or S- 4-3-F. The 12th Heat was a Z-shaped course that took us all over the pond. Still we finished well before the 7:30 PM cutoff.

In GOLD Fleet- Mike Wyatt got lucky with his sail trim and tune, had good starts that put him in the top 1-2 places by the first Mark, to win 6 Heats. In second- what a BATTLE!! Rick Lawler prevailed over series leader Bob Green on a tiebreaker for 2nd- 3rd.

In SILVER, Tom Bluhm won by 5 points over Ron Sieloff, followed by Dan Jarold.

Notable performances: Bob Kalman had three 2nds and 2 thirds; Dan Jarold had 2 Firsts, including a 12th Heat horizon job on the Fleet- where he sailed up into Gold by the third leg, beating the other Silver Fleeters by nearly a full leg!!

Welcome to Steve Winfield a new sailor who is joining us. Steve did well for his first outing- three seconds and a third!!
Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series 6/8/2019
Saturday Series June 8 2019

CRAZY air today- NNE 6-12 shifty With Gusts to 16. This is NOT the norm at Rec Park, but the sailing was in bright sunshine and warm 80's. At times it's a drifting race then big swirly puff's, making boat handling challenging. The day started with an excellent Clinic- "Rules at Windward Marks", by Rick Lawler. Race Director for the day was WRMYC Commodore Larry Lamphier. Racing generally started at marks 4, then to 3 and Finish; or Start 3,1,2 finish.

In Gold Fleet, Bob Valentine, Bob Green. & Rick Lawler battled all day with Rick winning the battle.

In Silver, Brad Ferrell won, while rookie skippers Bob Kalman and Scott Westrum battled for second place. Notably, Bob won his first Heat, ever, and in difficult conditions!!! Series Leader Tom Bluhm was missing which sorely hurt him in standings. The 2019 Saturday Spring Edition only has 3 events left- this was Race #4, and points are getting tight just before the mid-season awards and picnic.
Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 6/4/2019
Tuesday Series 6/4/19: A nice night at Rec Park- the wind was from the SSE to SSW, with moderate shifts, and velocity was 6 -8, at times 12 MPH, making for nice long weather legs. SD Rick Lawler varied the courses, with most being S/F- 1 - 2 -4- F, or S/F- 1 - 2 -4- 5- F to vary as the wind clocked west. In GOLD Fleet, Rick Lawler won on a "Most Firsts" tiebreaker over Bob Valentine; with Mike Wyatt in Third. In Silver, there was ANOTHER tiebreaker needed for First/ Second with Tom Bluhm taking the place over Jack Nissen. Brad Ferrell placed third, just 2 points down from Jack.
Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 5/28/2019
Tuesday Series 5/28/19: We had 5 Skippers turn out in each Fleet, for what had been predicted to be a wet evening. At the beginning, we had really unpredictable, at times overpowering winds, then for the middle Heats, relatively nice breezes and sunshine, ending with almost NO wind, and threatening rain. After 8 Heats, with the failing wind and the (looked to be) imminent rain, and thunder in the distance- SD Rick Lawler called off the festivities. In GOLD Fleet Bob Green edged out Vice Commodore Rick Lawler by just 2 points for 1st and 2nd. Somehow, Mike Wyatt bested David Steger by a point, after Wyatt's truly dreadful start in Heats 1 -3. In SILVER Fleet, (I am pretty sure) Ron Sieloff had his first raceday win, 2 points ahead of Jack Nissen. Tied in points for 3rd/4th were Tom Bluhm and Brad Ferrell, with Bluhm getting the place on the "most 2nds" tiebreaker. Notable performances: the aforementioned Ron Sieloff for winning the evening, and Bob Kalman for scoring second place in Heat #8!!. It's Bob's first year racing! Standings will be e-mailed tomorrow, for the end of May.
Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series 5/25/2019
Saturday Series 5/25/19 : Results Great air today- SSE 9-12 and shifty (as is the norm at Rec Park), sailing in bright sunshine and warm 80's. Boats had to be tuned perfectly, or they were hard to control, making boat handling critical as the puffs hit, causing surfing and even some diving. Racing was generally very "clean", though and we mostly stayed clear of collisions despite the conditions. The day started with an excellent Clinic- "Rules in Open Water", by Doug Rieger. Then, in Gold Fleet, Bob Valentine, sailing his NEW Soling, won the day with 16 points after discards, 13 ahead of second place Bob Green. Bob V. had an impressive 6 wins in the last 7 Heats to lock it up. In Silver, Brad Ferrell won over Series Leader Tom Bluhm. The Saturday Season Spring Edition is still young- this was Race #3, and we have a lot of great racing ahead before the mid-season awards and picnic.
Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 5/21/2019
Tuesday Series 5/21/19: Results Great turnout, 15 sailors showed up for tonight’s race, 9 in the Gold Fleet and the Silver had 6. Not showing up is going to count big. There was more wind than expected but by the 11 heat, the wind died too much to go for a 12th heat. In the last few heats, any mistake was very costly with the dying winds. In the Silver Fleet, new skipper Jack Nissen continues to impress and looking more and more like the man to beat.
Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 5/14/2019
Tuesday Evening Series 5/14/19: Results Truly one of those "I don't know why everybody doesn't do this" nights!! The weather was beautiful, not too cold, and we had decent wind from beginning to end. Winds were everything from almost flat in spots, to 8- 10 MPH, but from a pretty steady NW direction. This allowed for decent beats, requiring tacking (and tactics). Competition was great- with TWO ties in the point standings in Gold Fleet, decided by "most 1s" tiebreakers. In Silver Fleet- Jack Nissen gave winner Ron Sieloff a real battle - Ron won by only ONE point after discards.
Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series 5/11/2019
Saturday Series 5/11/19: Results What a great day to sail!! Sunny with a nice amount of wind. 11 sailors, one guest, and the RD showed up with 13 total. We had 6 in the Gold and 5 racing in the Silver Fleet. Our guest- the sixth Silver Fleet racer is a new sailor (Rick Lawler's grandson, Jon Robert Hernandez). Jon did great- it takes some people half a season just to get around the course!! It looks like Jon Robert might join our club, and we would welcome that. Nice guy.

We got all twelve heats, with the wind "clocking" (rotating from North toward NNE in a clockwise direction) throughout the day. We finished just about 1:30.

For 12th heat we sailed the dreaded pinwheel or something like that. (it's called THE ASTERISK!! Wow, what a heat that was. The sign of a bored RD = creative courses.

Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 5/7/2019
Tuesday Series 5/17/19: Results The winds were pretty strong throughout tonight’s Heats. A lot of wind shifts. Good attendance. 8 in the Gold Fleet and 5 in the Silver. The Gold Fleet had six different skippers getting a first place in at least one Heat making for good competition. New Skipper Jack Nissen continues to score very well in the Silver Fleet.