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Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 7/16/2019
Race Results 7/16/19

YET ANOTHER great night!! The rain held off (until 9 PM) so we got in all 12 Heats, under cloudy skies at Painesville Rec Park. Earlier (before racing of course!) we had GREAT wind 12-14 MPH, but...it was not to be, and the wind dropped off pretty dramatically just before the Practice Race. So, in a decent WSW wind of around 6-8 most of the evening, we enjoyed VERY competitive racing.

In GOLD Fleet- Rick Lawler had a great night, sailing to a 3-point win with five First Places, two Seconds and a third over the 10 counted Heats. The battle between David Steger, and Mike Wyatt ended a TIE (the first in several years) for Second Place. Each of them had 1 win, 5 seconds, and 4 thirds, while discarding their 2 fourth places - for an absolute points tie.

In SILVER Fleet, Jack Nissen won by 6 points over Second-place Ron Sieloff, who edged out Brad Ferrell in Third. Jack won SIX First Places, and Ron won the other four of the 10 counted Heats.

Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series 7/13/2019
Saturday Series 7/13/19

A nice day of racing, as the club wound up its Spring Saturday Series for 2019. Next Saturday Race date - July 27- starts our Fall Saturday Series for this year, and a whole new competition in both Fleets.

At the end of the year- the points from the two Saturday Series get added up, and the lowest points (after tiebreakers) win the season Championship, BUT there is also a second set of awards for the Fall series as well. So- a LOT of competition remains.

On Saturday, July 13, Larry Lamphier held a clinic on rounding marks and explaining why your course around the mark should follow a circle of ever-decreasing size as you round a Mark, and leave the Mark on the best course to the following one. Thanks Larry!!

The wind was forecast to be from the WSW at about 10 MPH with warm temperatures well into the 80's. The sun was shining, and the wind was shifting, so at times boats were dead in the water, as those behind them in the fleet bore down, surfing into contention as the hapless leader waited for the good wind to reach HIM!!

Gold Fleet: We had a total of 5 Gold Fleet sailors show up plus RD David Steger. Mike Wyatt won, just 3 points ahead of Rick Lawler, who was a mere 1 point ahead of Tom Schreiber. Every Skipper won at least a single race, and the way to win was consistency in the rapidly changing wind conditions.

In Silver, there were also 5 competitors, for a total participation/ both Fleets, of 11. Battling it out for the win on the day were Tom Bluhm and new sailor Steve Winfield, separated by just a single point after discards. In third- Bob Kalman. Brad Ferrell was in the hunt until Heat #4 when he broke a sail control arm, and missed 5 Heats as a result.

Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 7/9/2019
Tuesday Series 7/9/19

Another beautiful night- temp in the high 70s and EVERYTHING had cooled down (wink), making for a nice quiet evening of sailing. Even the wind, which started at 4 MPH or so, went pretty quiet as the evening went on, and races were won by getting good starts, finding clear air, and concentration. One had to constantly adjust sails to keep the boat moving, and EZ on the rudder!!

In Gold Fleet, Mike Wyatt eeked out the points advantage over Dave Steger, by just ONE racing point, which finalized at 3 after discards (Dave actually sailed more consistently- having to count only two 3rds, and no 4ths or 5ths, while Wyatt had to count one of his 4th place finishes). In third was Bob Green.

In Silver Fleet, the battle between Jack Nissen and Tom Bluhm continued- with Jack winning this round, placing First and Ron Sieloff coming in third.
Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 7/2/2019
Tuesday series 7/2/19.

Rough night for a few of us! "HOT" & "Sticky" 93° with Humidity in the 70's. with 3-6 mph wind to almost dead at time's, Racing as halted after only only 6 heats.

Gold Fleet was Dominated by The dueling Bob's! Bobby V Jibed for a win over Bob Green by a tie breaker, most notable improvement was Tom Melsheimer finishing 3rd.

Silver Fleet is the exciting one to watch! These up and coming sailor's duke it out like its the America's cup on any given event! Tom Bluhm still has been the dominate one, just barely beating Jack Nissen by one point. Honorable mention was Brad Ferrell and Bob Kalman.

Last Night Jack Nissen was on FIRE his start was 3 minutes after Golds Start when powering through the light wind shifts and after 3 marks rounded ended up beating all of gold fleet to Take The Win. AMAZING Rookie!

Gentleman as Competition and Mother Nature Heats this Summer up, we should all review the The Corinthian Spirit- Principles in how WRMYC operates which is posted in the club documents!

Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series 6/29/2019
Saturday Series 6/29/19 A VERY wet day greeted us as we arrived at the Painesville Rec Park pond- pouring rain. So, we huddled under the nearest pavilion, while Dan Jarold taught the Sailing School- topic “Rules We Forgot”. This is not really those Racing Rules that we skipped by accident, but the finer points on some of the more often faced situations, interspersed with a review of the Rules we have covered in sessions so far. The review generated some good questions from those who had thought over the presentations from previous weeks, and found some variations or wanted further explanation. Examples are mark rounding and giving room, and then Dan even covered hailing for room to tack for an obstruction like the shore. Nice job, Dan. Turnout was light- only three in Gold Fleet, and a decent five boats in Silver.

At almost EXACTLY 10:45- the time racing is supposed to get underway – the skies cleared, the sun came out, and it was time!!! After one practice race, and then for the next six Heats, the wind was terrific, about 8 from the SE, steady so we could sail nice beats all the way to the south end of the lake, round #2 and return. There were shifts- but smaller ones where it paid to tack, and not the normal, unpredictable huge shifts we see at this venue. RD Bob Valentine set up windward/ leeward courses followed by a short beat from 5 to Finish. (Start- #2- #5- Finish) He then sometimes even added a second windward leg, making it Start- #2- #5- Finish making for a nice long race where less importance is attached to the Start.

By Heat 7, the winds were starting to return to more normal (unpredictable!) Rec Park-like conditions, still at about 6 -8 MPH, but shifting 20- 30 degrees then back, and with holes in various places where shoreline trees affect the breeze. In these conditions getting a good Start then spotting and tacking on the shifts, staying “in synch” with the wind became more important, as did staying with your basic strategy instead of chasing the wind (only to find it was gone when you got there). As the day ended, RD Valentine wrapped everything up at exactly 1:30 PM, the last time we can start a race. He got in all 12 Heats, and did a nice job doing it, too. Thanks Bob!!

Brad Ferrell placed first, over new sailor Steve Winfield. BUT (another new sailor) Bob Kalman had his best day ever- winning three Heats, and finishing 2nd in two for a solid third place. Nice progress Bob!
Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 6/25/2019
Race Report, Tuesday, June 25

Another beautiful night of weather at Rec Park- the warmer temperatures feel great, as does the sunshine. We have been incredibly lucky this year, with weather- YES it has rained a LOT, but it has seemed to clear out for our race days. Lucky us!!

Tonight, the winds were very fickle- we did HAVE wind, but it seemed to be from everywhere. However- there were patterns: - Races were generally S/F- 5- 4- 3 and Finish, or as they were extended- S/F- 5- 4- 3 - 1- 5 then Finish.

- The wind for each race seemed to follow the same pattern- a. fairly predictable from S to 5, shifting to a reach or even a run as you left the Line. Then as you approached #5 you wanted to be out in the lake and sail "down" on starboard to the Mark, because the winds were far lighter near the NW shore. From 5 to 4 was a beat, with a shift to the NW, meaning you sailed a veering course on an arc to the left in the last half of the leg- that means the fast line was to go south/ right on Port leaving Mark #5 then begin to round up on the last half to shoot the Mark. Sailing a straight line from 5 to 4 was not as fast.

Leaving 4- the fast lane was to go to the East shore, and sometimes I could follow that line all the way to #3 because the wind was better near shore. When that leg was a beat (maybe 25% of the time) I got by a few as I rode a lift the whole length while the others sailed out toward the middle. That was primarily early- maybe Heats 1-2-3. Later that leg was a run where it paid (again) to ride the eastern shore to #3. This basic pattern WAS consistent- even though it appeared to be very confused wind. BUT the run from either 3 to Finish or 3 to 5 then finish- ugh. You ran out of ind after the first 20-40 feet, to the S/F line before it kicked back in on the last half of the leg. There is paid to go right- again riding the better wind in the eastern 1/3 of the pond.

Rec Park IS tough- but it will teach you about seeing and reacting to wind shifts appropriately.
Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series 6/22/2019
Race Results Saturday 6/22/19

GREAT day!! One of those “I can’t understand why everybody doesn’t do this!!” days. The weather was beautiful, sunny, 74 degrees, wind from the NNE, and relatively steady at 4 maybe 6 MPH. After a great Sailing School Session by Bob Green (“Reaches and runs, and rounding marks”), Bob was also the RD. He set courses at either S/F- 5/S, 4/S, and either 3S- F; or 2S- F or 1P- 2P- F.

In Gold, Bob Valentine came on strong at the end of the day, winning 7-9-10, 11 and 12 to win Gold Fleet by 5 points over Mike Wyatt. In Third, was Tom Schreiber.

In Silver, Tom Bluhm won the day, easily, 11 points ahead of new sailor Steve Winfield. In Third was Dan Jarold- who would have placed 2nd, except for a strong finish by Steve in Heats 9-10-11, where Steve placed second, ahead of Dan in Third. VERY good racing in both Fleets!! Silver

Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 6/18/2019
Tuesday Series 6/18/19:

Another beautiful weather night, with light winds, but from a consistent NNE direction. At the beginning (3 PM-4 PM) "Weatherman Dan", Dan Jarold measured winds at 4-8 MPH, but the forecast was for lessening wind strength as the evening went on. This turned out to be exactly right. BUT, we got in all 12 Heats, finishing at about 7:30 as per the schedule. (SB = Starboard rounding; PR = Port rounding). Courses were generally S/F - 5/SB, 4/SB, then S/F to get in the first 6 or so Heats. Then, Sailing Director Rick Lawler started to lengthen courses, making the race more than just about getting a good Start, so S/F - 5/SB, 4/SB, 2/SB- S/F, and even adding in a cross to 1/P- 2P before Finish.

GOLD Fleet- VERY close racing!! The top three were within 6 points- or .5 per Heat.

SILVER Fleet- again very close racing. Jack Nissen and Tom Bluhm as usual battled it out for First as Tom won the initial 4 Heats; BUT, Jack came back to win Heats 5,6, and split a First Place "Tuesday Tie" with Dan Jarold in Heat #7. Then, Dan came into the game with 3 ADDITIONAL wins out of the final 5 Heats!! Both Tom Bluhm and Jack Nissen had FIVE wins; but guess what- "Weatherman Dan" had 4 wins on the night - counting the shared First Place in Heat 7. Dramatic improvement for Dan and a terrific battle in Silver!!
Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Night Series 6/11/2019
Tuesday Series 6/11/19

Great night- beautiful blue skies, 75 degrees. A little CHALLENGING on the wind front- light from 0 - 6 or so all evening, varying direction. Courses were typically S - 5 or 4- then 3, and Finish; or S- 4-3-F. The 12th Heat was a Z-shaped course that took us all over the pond. Still we finished well before the 7:30 PM cutoff.

In GOLD Fleet- Mike Wyatt got lucky with his sail trim and tune, had good starts that put him in the top 1-2 places by the first Mark, to win 6 Heats. In second- what a BATTLE!! Rick Lawler prevailed over series leader Bob Green on a tiebreaker for 2nd- 3rd.

In SILVER, Tom Bluhm won by 5 points over Ron Sieloff, followed by Dan Jarold.

Notable performances: Bob Kalman had three 2nds and 2 thirds; Dan Jarold had 2 Firsts, including a 12th Heat horizon job on the Fleet- where he sailed up into Gold by the third leg, beating the other Silver Fleeters by nearly a full leg!!

Welcome to Steve Winfield a new sailor who is joining us. Steve did well for his first outing- three seconds and a third!!
Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series 6/8/2019
Saturday Series June 8 2019

CRAZY air today- NNE 6-12 shifty With Gusts to 16. This is NOT the norm at Rec Park, but the sailing was in bright sunshine and warm 80's. At times it's a drifting race then big swirly puff's, making boat handling challenging. The day started with an excellent Clinic- "Rules at Windward Marks", by Rick Lawler. Race Director for the day was WRMYC Commodore Larry Lamphier. Racing generally started at marks 4, then to 3 and Finish; or Start 3,1,2 finish.

In Gold Fleet, Bob Valentine, Bob Green. & Rick Lawler battled all day with Rick winning the battle.

In Silver, Brad Ferrell won, while rookie skippers Bob Kalman and Scott Westrum battled for second place. Notably, Bob won his first Heat, ever, and in difficult conditions!!! Series Leader Tom Bluhm was missing which sorely hurt him in standings. The 2019 Saturday Spring Edition only has 3 events left- this was Race #4, and points are getting tight just before the mid-season awards and picnic.
Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 6/4/2019
Tuesday Series 6/4/19: A nice night at Rec Park- the wind was from the SSE to SSW, with moderate shifts, and velocity was 6 -8, at times 12 MPH, making for nice long weather legs. SD Rick Lawler varied the courses, with most being S/F- 1 - 2 -4- F, or S/F- 1 - 2 -4- 5- F to vary as the wind clocked west. In GOLD Fleet, Rick Lawler won on a "Most Firsts" tiebreaker over Bob Valentine; with Mike Wyatt in Third. In Silver, there was ANOTHER tiebreaker needed for First/ Second with Tom Bluhm taking the place over Jack Nissen. Brad Ferrell placed third, just 2 points down from Jack.
Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 5/28/2019
Tuesday Series 5/28/19: We had 5 Skippers turn out in each Fleet, for what had been predicted to be a wet evening. At the beginning, we had really unpredictable, at times overpowering winds, then for the middle Heats, relatively nice breezes and sunshine, ending with almost NO wind, and threatening rain. After 8 Heats, with the failing wind and the (looked to be) imminent rain, and thunder in the distance- SD Rick Lawler called off the festivities. In GOLD Fleet Bob Green edged out Vice Commodore Rick Lawler by just 2 points for 1st and 2nd. Somehow, Mike Wyatt bested David Steger by a point, after Wyatt's truly dreadful start in Heats 1 -3. In SILVER Fleet, (I am pretty sure) Ron Sieloff had his first raceday win, 2 points ahead of Jack Nissen. Tied in points for 3rd/4th were Tom Bluhm and Brad Ferrell, with Bluhm getting the place on the "most 2nds" tiebreaker. Notable performances: the aforementioned Ron Sieloff for winning the evening, and Bob Kalman for scoring second place in Heat #8!!. It's Bob's first year racing! Standings will be e-mailed tomorrow, for the end of May.
Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series 5/25/2019
Saturday Series 5/25/19 : Results Great air today- SSE 9-12 and shifty (as is the norm at Rec Park), sailing in bright sunshine and warm 80's. Boats had to be tuned perfectly, or they were hard to control, making boat handling critical as the puffs hit, causing surfing and even some diving. Racing was generally very "clean", though and we mostly stayed clear of collisions despite the conditions. The day started with an excellent Clinic- "Rules in Open Water", by Doug Rieger. Then, in Gold Fleet, Bob Valentine, sailing his NEW Soling, won the day with 16 points after discards, 13 ahead of second place Bob Green. Bob V. had an impressive 6 wins in the last 7 Heats to lock it up. In Silver, Brad Ferrell won over Series Leader Tom Bluhm. The Saturday Season Spring Edition is still young- this was Race #3, and we have a lot of great racing ahead before the mid-season awards and picnic.
Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 5/21/2019
Tuesday Series 5/21/19: Results Great turnout, 15 sailors showed up for tonight’s race, 9 in the Gold Fleet and the Silver had 6. Not showing up is going to count big. There was more wind than expected but by the 11 heat, the wind died too much to go for a 12th heat. In the last few heats, any mistake was very costly with the dying winds. In the Silver Fleet, new skipper Jack Nissen continues to impress and looking more and more like the man to beat.
Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 5/14/2019
Tuesday Evening Series 5/14/19: Results Truly one of those "I don't know why everybody doesn't do this" nights!! The weather was beautiful, not too cold, and we had decent wind from beginning to end. Winds were everything from almost flat in spots, to 8- 10 MPH, but from a pretty steady NW direction. This allowed for decent beats, requiring tacking (and tactics). Competition was great- with TWO ties in the point standings in Gold Fleet, decided by "most 1s" tiebreakers. In Silver Fleet- Jack Nissen gave winner Ron Sieloff a real battle - Ron won by only ONE point after discards.
Soling 1 Meter Club Saturday Series 5/11/2019
Saturday Series 5/11/19: Results What a great day to sail!! Sunny with a nice amount of wind. 11 sailors, one guest, and the RD showed up with 13 total. We had 6 in the Gold and 5 racing in the Silver Fleet. Our guest- the sixth Silver Fleet racer is a new sailor (Rick Lawler's grandson, Jon Robert Hernandez). Jon did great- it takes some people half a season just to get around the course!! It looks like Jon Robert might join our club, and we would welcome that. Nice guy.

We got all twelve heats, with the wind "clocking" (rotating from North toward NNE in a clockwise direction) throughout the day. We finished just about 1:30.

For 12th heat we sailed the dreaded pinwheel or something like that. (it's called THE ASTERISK!! Wow, what a heat that was. The sign of a bored RD = creative courses.

Soling 1 Meter Club Tuesday Evening Series 5/7/2019
Tuesday Series 5/17/19: Results The winds were pretty strong throughout tonight’s Heats. A lot of wind shifts. Good attendance. 8 in the Gold Fleet and 5 in the Silver. The Gold Fleet had six different skippers getting a first place in at least one Heat making for good competition. New Skipper Jack Nissen continues to score very well in the Silver Fleet.