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Building Materials Basswood, Carbon Fiber, Tubing & Adhesive's
Electronics Radios, Servos & Battery's
Hulls & Kits Hulls & Builders Kits for AMYA Class Yacht's
Sail Manufacturers Sails for AMYA Class Model Yacht's
Rigging Hardware Model Yacht Fittings & Fasteners
Support Equipment & Tools Boat Stands, Hobby Tool's & Supplies
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 *New to RC sailing, boats, electronics, etc...  Basic information for beginners!
 *Why the Soling 1 Meter?  AMYA's LARGEST Class!
 Victor Assembly Manual for Soling 1m  #1 Manufacturers Manual
 Micro Magic History Lesion 101  
 Soling 1m Class Rules / Control Drawing  #2 The definitions, dimensions, limits, and restrictions listed are intended to maintain the one-design concept of this class.
 New Boat Recommendations  #3 Choices for electronics, supplies and materials to build a Soling 1 Meter
 Basic Soling Building Procedure  #4 Suggested Basic Building Procedure Soling 1m
 Advanced Building Procedure for Soling 1 Meter  #5 Advanced Building Procedure for Soling 1m
 Electronics and Batteries  #6 Basic information for beginners on RC sailing, boats, electronics, etc...
 Finishing/ Painting your Soling 1m.  #7 Let's add Color!
 All About RC Servos  #8 What you need to know before buying servo's
 How to set up Spektrum transmitters  #9 Set up Spektrum DX-5e and DX-6i transmitters to Race Your Model Yacht
 Registering Your Soling 1m  #10 Our Club requires AMYA vessel registration.
 Tuning Information and Chart for S1M ...  #11 Tuning For Speed!