Become a Member
To join Western Reserve Model Yacht Club (WRMYC):
1. Join the American Model Yachting Association – go to AMYA website
(Direct link to Membership page) AMYA Membership page
There is a link on the AMYA site to fill out a form, and then send a check, credit card information, or use PayPal to pay your dues. (PayPal is free to you as a user- the AMYA pays the fees for the new membership transaction). Your dues payment is valid for one year (actually 4 quarters) after you pay dues, and entitles you to a number of benefits, including the quarterly 68 or so page REAL magazine- Model Yachting. AMYA Membership is a requirement to be a member of WRMYC.

2. The AMYA will sign you as a Member, and assign a Member Number. This process takes about 7 to 10 days. You will receive a Membership Card, and a new Member packet including a Model Yachting magazine or two, and some other information. IF you have already done that, and want to join our club while your AMYA Membership is pending- Write “TBA” on the Membership Form in the space for your AMYA Member number.

3. Complete the Membership form - from About then Club Documents Link above

4. Write a check, payable to: WRMYC, for $60 annual WRMYC Dues.

5. Mail the check and completed WRMYC Membership Form to our Treasurer OR bring everything to a WRMYC event.

WRMYC Treasurer

  • Ron Sieloff
  • 11490 Gate Post Ln.
  • Chardon, OH 44024
  • PH#(440) 381-0802

    6. Complete the Boat Registration Form, - from About then Club Documents Link above, and mail with (yet another) payment of a one time boat registration fee of $7, to the Soling 1 Meter Class Secretary- address on the Registration form.